Fish on the River Open on Mondays – Dec 2021 Season hours

Fish on the River Open on Mondays – Dec 2021 Season hours

Fish on the River Open on Mondays – Dec 2021 Season hours: yes we are open on Mondays through the silly season 2021!

Fish on the River open hours December 2021

Yip, for the next couple of Mondays, you can enjoy a meal right here, on the river, in Port Shepstone. After the season, when things go back to normal, so will we! Back to enjoying our Mondays off.

We sure hope you are all enjoying your holidays down here on the KZN South Coast. There is just so much to do! And if (when) it rains, pop on down to us here on the Umzimkulu River. Where you can be sheltered and able to look out over the water for a turtle, a Zambezi shark…and a bunch of other marine animals that use this beautiful and functioning estuary. For all sorts of natural behaviours. Survival.

It’s the wet season now, and this brings the flood pulse. A vital mechanism that nature uses for a myriad of functions. The halocline (the line where fresh and saltwater meet – staying separate in a very clear seam), moves out to sea at this time of the year – where it triggers a set of natural occurrences, that affect every aspect of the ocean and its life forms around here.

In the dry season, it works the other way around, as salt water intrudes into the estuary. Again, triggering survival mechanisms for so many estuarine and benthic organisms.

Come and see all of this nature unfolding right before your eyes down here on the mighty Umzimkulu River. The last free-flowing river of significance in Africa. Likened in importance the Okavango Delta!

Note: Many thanks and acknowledgements to Professor Anthony Turton – who has brought all this magnificence to light recently.

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